Little Blue Heron in the Rain — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t think I ever noticed how rusty red they are. The colors really play off each well, with the rust color also on the barrel and the lighter paint on the barrel bringing out the heron’s eyes. That knobby-kneed guy has never looked better, I’m sure.

    • Thanks for comment, Beth. JPEG photos from a camera may alter colors; RAW files, which I use, may weaken colors. Thus, when I post process RAWs, I try to remember what the subject looked like to ensure proper color. That, of course, is not 100% accurate . Try searching for a bird on Google Images and see how many different color renditions you see in people’s photos of the same species, sex, and maturity.

    • That bird owed me a pose. It was probably eating crawfish in the pond behind it. Less yield for the crawfish farmer means higher prices for me.

      • I think the bird’s color has to do with his diet of crawfish. Just look at him. He’s colored just like a shallow water crawfish. He’d probably change colors if he altered his diet . .. .
        away from crawfish.

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