Katy Critters — 14 Comments

  1. Hard to believe there are that many different species of wildlife in one area in the middle of suburbia. Been to Katy many times and never saw any of these!

    • Indeed! My son and grandsons living near that “big city” drainage canal see more interesting birds and reptiles than we do living in a rural area in Southern Louisiana not far from swamps.

    • Thanks, Bob.

      An estimate of the length of the gator could be made by counting the wire hexagons of the “chicken wire” holding the rocks if I knew the size of the hexagons. However, I could not easily get close enough to the wire to determine the hexagon size. It certainly seems larger than standard 1-inch and 2-inch chicken wire. Another method might be to estimate the hexagon size using the Great Egret photo and the head or bill length of that species. But I couldn’t find those measurements anywhere online. The gator certainly looks like a mature one, though.

  2. Great series of shots. I have noted the location and plan to visit that area in the near future (when the current flood waters recede).

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