Hiking Along McHugh Creek — 6 Comments

    • Thanks for visiting, John, and I will convey your salutations. Yes, Alaska is so beautiful in so many ways. On every one of our annual visits, Beth has introduced us to new spectacular hiking locations with more beauty than I am able to convey through my amateur photography.

  1. With the heat we are experiencing, a nice cool, clear stream looks really inviting. Nice shots to offer a feel of the area.

    • I appreciate the compliment, Jim. Indeed, summers in Alaska are a lot nicer than around Houston or Lafayette. We’ve never seen it above the low 70’s. Still, at those temperatures the Alaskans complain about their “summer heat” almost as much as we do. Can you believe that?

  2. There are currently two main trailheads for climbing McHugh that have completely independent approaches by road. They’ll be describes separately with their respective routes below.

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