Cattle Egrets in Tall Grass — 6 Comments

    • My only childhood farm experiences were at Grandpa and Grandma Darbonne’s outside Elton. I don’t remember egrets there, but I DO remember being followed by your future husband who wanted to get into his older cousins’ baseball games.

  1. They are now often in our yard in town. And we have wild brown bunnies residing in our yard. Never saw this before! Love your pics. They are beautiful when you can see the close ups you take

    • That’s quite interesting that you have egrets in town. And Donnette is jealous of your rabbits. We used to have lots of them, but Barred Owls moved onto our property right after we did and have practically wiped them out over the years.

  2. Really nice series of shots. We occasionally see them feeding on the insects the horses scare up in the pasture across our back fence, but I don’t think I have seen them with as much dark plumage as yours exhibit. Probably has to do with yours being Cajun egrets.

    • We see the same thing happening at the two thoroughbred farms behind our house. Do your egrets eat crawfish like our Cajun ones do? Maybe that makes a difference. And that remark tells you how much a bird expert I am. 🙂

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